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About Me

My background


5 years of Hebrew school I realized that I know all the prayers and songs but not one word of what I was actually saying. That's not praying.

Then there was the classic question, "If we are the chosen people why have we been tormented for millennia?”

And the final question “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

The answer- Life is Random and praying to any deity will not make anything happen.

If there is an afterlife, and I doubt this, then being a good person will get you into heaven, not the poorly understood words in prayers.

Because of this I crafted the religion DogHead.

My faith


I looked to my dog and realized here is an all loving, all caring, tolerant, non predjudicial, attentive, loyal, intuitive, curious, fun loving, forgiving, selfless living being. Without pretense, agenda and non-judgmental, just unconditional love. You can talk to the dog knowing that prayer will not fix your car, get you a new diamond, win the lotto, in fact, not expect anything from him/her except love. Just like Praying to God will not get you the things you desire. There is understanding that while the dog is here for you, he/she can not heal the sick or injured or extend life. The dog is the closest to a divine, that lives on this planet.


My involvement

This is my personal belief. You are welcome to  think about this as a religion that gives you peace and love. You are welcome to agree or disagree.


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DogHead Propositions for Dog


1. Thou shalt not smite or hurt any living being but can chase cats

2. Thou shalt love thy human unconditionally

3. Thou shalt lick thy human at least once daily

4. Thou shalt enjoy thy dinner bowl but not to excess

5.  Thou shalt not covet thine treats

DogHead Propositions for Human


Dogism’s human propositions

1. Thine dog rules supreme

2. Thine dog deserves your respect

3. Thine dog knows what’s best, except when it comes to food

4. Thou shalt attempt to love thy dog as much as he/she loves thou

5. Thou shalt observe all the rules, laws and instructions from thy dog. 

6. Thou shalt obey thy dog. They are always right

For All


Doghead  Propositions for all

1. When a human saithe he/she is doing something in the name of god, he/she is doing it for him/her self 

2. When a fellow human is praying in a language that is unknown to him/her, he/she is not praying

3. If thou art praying to doghead for something tangible      ( new car) thal shall not expect anything to happen

4. If thou art praying for health and happiness doghead suggests you get a dog

5. If thine eyes falls upon another human with less fortune, thou art its equal

My Dog


Are you my dog, or am I your human?
Both, I think.

You always know what I need.

As I do you.

No words required.

I call you DOG, POOP, HALLEY,

You respond with a smile.

You call me “Bark”

I respond with a smile.

You can’t wait to go for a walk.

I can’t wait to take you.

You want to go for a swim.

We go to the beach.

You get full of sand and jump into my car.

I could live without that last part.

I take you to the Vet.

You are not crazy about that idea.

You love to eat

And eat.

I love to sneak you food.

You roll on your back.

I lay on the grass.

You wag your tail.

So do I.

Did I mention eating?

You love to run, then walk, then sit.

Me too.

You love me and trust me no matter what.

I love you more than anything .


I realize this may be uncomfortable for some people. It is not my intention to disparage any religion. Everyone should be able to practice whatever religion  that brings them comfort..

I leave you with one question. When you look into the eyes of a dog, what do you see? I see unconditional love. We could use more of that now.