1. When a human saithe he/she is doing something in the name of god, he/she is doing it for him/her self 

2. When a fellow human is praying in a language that is unknown to him/her, he/she is not praying

3. If thou art praying to doghead for something tangible ( new car) thal shall not expect anything to happen

4. If thou art praying for health and happiness doghead suggests you get a dog

5. IF thine eyes falls upon another human with less fortune, thou art its equal

6. If thine eyes falls upon another human acting improperly, nastily, aggressively, or with evil intent ask doghead for a very large pitbull/mastif mix. You will be provided with one

7. If thine eyes falls upon another human acting inconsiderately do not take it personally

8. Doghead states that friends are rare, cherish them like you cherish your dog

Know the difference between thine friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co workers, unfriendlys,