Dogism’s Dog Propositions

1. Thou shalt not smite or hurt any living being but can chase cats

2. Thou shalt love thy human unconditionally

3. Thou shalt lick thy human at least once daily

4. Thou shalt enjoy thy dinner bowl but not to excess

5.  Thou shalt not covet thine treats

6. Thou shalt try to retrieve- as often as necessary

7. Thou shalt sit, stay and observe all thy human’s commands unless it is silly

8. Thou shalt welcome thy human when he/she returns home

9.  Thou shalt pee and poop in the appropriate places

10. Thou shalt tolerate thy human’s attempts to improve thine appearance with clothes or bath perfumes

11. Thou shalt dig, jump in mud, roll in sand, eat snow, swim, jump on the couch, hog the bed, shake the water off and sleep where and whenever possible

12. Thou shalt enjoy a ride in the car, thy face in the wind

13. If your human can eat it so can thy

14. Thou shalt live in the moment. Thy past is forgotten, thy future unknown

15. Thou shalt bark only in excitement and for very short periods

16. Thou shalt always know that thy human will always return

17. Thou shalt take your human on long walks. They need it

18. Thou shalt not consider any higher authority, thou art the higher authority

19. Thou shalt not participate in any human religion except the tenants of dogism.

20.  Thou shalt never get angry no matter how stupid your human is