Dogism’s human Propositions

1. Thine dog rules supreme

2. Thine dog deserves your respect

3. Thine dog knows what’s best, except when it comes to food

4. Thou shalt attempt to love thy dog as much as he/she loves thou

5. Thou shalt observe all the rules, laws and instructions from thy dog. 

6. Thou shalt obey thy dog. They are always right

7. There is no higher authority than thy dog

8. Your supreme being is sitting right next to you on the couch

9. If your dog thinks it is ok for you to do something, do it, especially if it involves treats

10.  Thou shalt treat other humans almost as well as thou treats thine dog

11. All dogs deserve thine attention, the same is not true for all humans

12. There is no such thing as a “bad” dog but there is such a thing as a bad dog owner

13. To injure a dog for any reason will evoke the full contempt of the Doghead. The Doghead states “your time will come.”